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We're sorry to see you go!

Privacy is very important to us, and apparently to you too! If you're here it means you would prefer not to be included in our research.


We do not want to collect data that you might not want to share, but to be sure you are excluded from our system, we need a couple of information from you:

I was at the following location

I entered it at the following time (round up to the closest 15 minutes please)


Your content has been submitted

That's it! Let us explain what we are going to do now:


Unfortunately our system cannot be stopped while it is running right now. We ourselves won't be able to interact with it or any data until the recordings are finished. Then we will bring the data back to our secure storage location and there we will start the analysis. Also, we cannot identify specific people at exact times, and remove the bits of recordings corresponding to specific people. We can only analyse the entire large data files with an entire week of recordings.

However, what we can do, is to tell our system to disregard ANY data around the time you mentioned here: maybe it is just one person, maybe it is 300 different people, we don't know, so we prefer to remove everyone form our data to make sure that you are not taken in by error. Note that even if you stayed longer than 15 minutes, the system will not be able to track you : it can only track people from the entrance, and not from the middle of the space/shelves/etc.

Also, if you are only coming here a long time after your visit, maybe the system already tracked your visit. No worries! We will erase any tracked data from the time you provided, so we're sure that any of your data is not in it.


And if you have more question, please use our contact form and we'll be happy to give you some more information!

Have a wonderful day!

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