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The arrival of omnipresent technologies, miniaturised cameras, hand-held devices and other recording and tracking techniques have changed the way our society perceives itself.

With these changes, the issue of personal privacy has become increasingly important. At Pomelo we are very aware of and sensitive to this issue.

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In accordance with the legal and social constraints of several European and other countries, we have adapted our technology to ensure that the privacy of the people we study (shoppers, staff, visitors, bypassers) is guaranteed. Based on this, we ensure that:

  • The data we collect does not contain any personal information

  • The records we save do not allow any individual to be identified

  • Any information that third parties could combine with their own data in order to identify individuals is not shared

  • All confidential data is kept on our disconnected servers, which cannot be accessed from the outside

  • We never share source records outside of our data processing offices

We have developed these requirements in order to comply with the guidelines of regulators such as the CNIL in France, the Data Protection Offices in Switzerland or the GDPR in the European Union. Once again, we care about your privacy and that of your customers!


Example of the recordings we collect. Our technology anonymises all images and extracts people's movements, stops and actions, but will never be able to extract their identity.

The anonymisation methodology that we use is applied to the entire image, so we can be sure that no detail escapes, as can sometimes happen when a simple blur is applied to all the detected faces in an image. This makes our approach much safer than the standard image anonymisation procedure

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