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smart technology at the service of business challenges

Real-Store Data

A methodology developed to make life easier for retailers, with light footprint and very fast deployment time

In-Store KPI

Information-rich data on shopper behaviour and the impact of the environment on the purchase process

to Benchmarks

A large database on the impact of in-store executions on all aspects of shopper behaviour to build best-practices and Do's & Don'ts

Answering Business Questions

A broad expertise on how to translate data on shopper behaviour into answers to concrete retail challenges

And here are some examples of what we gather from the field


And if your products are sold online, we got you covered too!

Shopping in a natural environment
Easy deployment, but rich insights
The online store as a store, not a webiste

Shoppers are recorded while doing their shopping in their natural setting (at home on the couch, on the way to work, at the bus station, ...), on their own devices (desktop, mobile) and at their leisure

Moving away from standard Cookies-based analysis, we focus on the shopping process itself, with its pauses, stumbles, backtracking, searches and finally success. And if multiple sites are accessed during the shopping process, we do cross-site analysis

We analyse the shopping  mechanics, purchase decisions and non-purchases, and generate recommendations on store structure, e-planograms, 2nd POS touch-points down to the individual product display strategies

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