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Bringing shopper knowledge to Brands and retailers

Learning from the Physical and Online Store

Measuring how the real store influences shopper behaviour and bringing new learnings about how people visit, explore and buy in store.

Bringing fact-based Recommendations

Converting data, KPIs and measures to actionable recommendations on how to improve your Point of Sale strategies.

Building a compelling Merchandising story

Creating visually appealing and sound arguments and stories to convince your internal teams and your clients.

Our Mission : To put our tools and expertise at the service of our clients, via a turnkey approach, in order to increase the efficiency of their business by improving their mastery of retail concepts and executions at the point of sale

Our Difference: To have developed the most precise and effective techniques and tools to optimise the impact on business of commercial concepts in the point of sale

Our Vision: To provide new tools and techniques to understand and improve the business impact of point-of-sale merchandising concepts

Our Attention: To ensure the protection of the private sphere of store visitors, sales personnel and staff in all the countries we are active in

The average website user spends two minutes  a half on a page, and reads 1 or 2 pages of content : that is a short time to get a clear idea of what we do.

To understand if we can help you, we should discuss together and clarify your challenges, your needs, your desires. You will find here the necessary to do it...

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