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Optimise industrial processes by measuring the real world

Measure Value-Add
and Non-Value-Add

Quantify operations in your industrial environments to identify the Value-Add and non-Value-Add portions of your processes, space and time usage

Bring fact-based advices and counsel

Convert KPIs and measures into actionable recommendations on how to improve your operations and your environment

Aid the development of the new procedures

Be your discussion partner through the development of the new procedures from concept creation to a deployable solution

Bring measurement tools (flux, barriers, waste of space and movement) combined to the analysis of opportunities and risks linked to the storage process, transportation and logistics

Maximise the efficiency of person-hours by analysing the interaction of operators and machines in the assembly process. Provide factual measures on the length of operations, TAKT-time and potential optimisations

Put to use the most precise and effective techniques and tools to understand  the impact of the environment and processes on production and logistics

Provide fact-based data while protecting the private sphere and anonymity of all coworkers, allowing to extract learnings on performance of a production role or process, and not of a specific individual

The average website user spends a minute and a half on a page, and reads 10% to 20% of the content: that is a short time to get a clear idea of what we do.

To understand if we can help you, we should discuss together and clarify your challenges, your needs, your desires. You will find here the necessary to do it...

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